Caddies Creek Public School WebQuest Presentations

After spending this term researching and analysing the Australian goldfields of Bathurst, Ballarat, Gympie and Charters Towers, pairs / groups of students presented oral historical recounts of their chosen goldfield to their classmates. The most outstanding presentations from each class will be posted onto this blog so that they can be shared with students from both Caddies Creek and Penrith Public Schools. We hope you will enjoy reading these recounts, which will extend your knowledge and understanding about the Australian Gold Rush period.

Happy blogging!
Mrs Scheffers
Teacher Librarian @ CCPS

Law on the goldfields: plus, minus, interesting

Under this post, students of Penrith PS will post their “plus, minus andĀ interesting” findings about life on the goldfields. It’s where the topics of bushrangers and gold meet!

Caddies Creek students: please feel free to add your own comments!

Regards, Mr McLean, Penrith PS


Fascinating Gold Quest research findings

Hi Gold Quest researchers

What a great job each of the ten classes did with posting their introductions! It is most interesting to learn about both the similarities and differences between our two schools. For example, both schools have modern halls, COLA areas and large grass playing fields. However, Penrith PS is very lucky to have a fantastic art room, which unfortunately we don’t have at CCPS (we are all feeling very jealous!)

Now that we have all started on our Gold Quest research journeys, it would be wonderful if groups of students could please share 1 or 2 fascinating Australian Gold Rush facts that they have discovered.

Students at CCPS are very keen to learn about Australian bushrangers from their research “partners” at PPS and, in turn, I’m sure Penrith PS students would be thrilled to learn more detail about the Australian goldfields from CCPS students.

Perhaps you would also like to share your feelings about you research progress so far?

Mr McLean and I are so looking forward to reading your insightful postings!

Happy researching everyone!
Mrs Scheffers
Teacher Librarian @ CCPS

Gold WebQuest blog

This Gold Quest WebQuest blog is jointly hosted by Caddies Creek Public School and Penrith Public School, in order that students may share their knowledge, understandings, research findings, interests and questions about the Australian Gold Rush era. Both of these schools are located in western Sydney, NSW.

Stage 3 students at Caddies Creek Public School are currently participating in a WebQuest, which requires them to research, decide and justify at which of the following Australian goldfields they would try their luck, if they had lived in the historical period 1850-1870: Bathurst/Ophir; Ballarat; Charters Towers; or Gympie.

Stage 3 students at Penrith Public School are completing a WebQuest about Australian bushrangers.

It is hoped that students and teachers from both schools will be able to share their research findings and experiences online through this blog.